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U.S. Naval Institute News

  • Report to Congress on Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter
    The following is the July 29, 2020 Congressional Research Service report, Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter (Polar Icebreaker) Program: Background and Issues for Congress. From the report The Coast Guard Polar Security Cutter (PSC) program is a program to acquire three new PSCs (i.e., heavy polar icebreakers), to be followed years from now by the […]
  • Navy, Marines Locate Sunken AAV, Human Remains
    The Navy and Marine Corps identified the location of the amphibious assault vehicle that sank off the coast of San Clemente Island last week using a remotely operated search and rescue system. Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard ships and aircraft had been searching for the vehicle and seven missing Marines and one sailor since […]
  • CAPE Nominee: SECDEF Esper Blocked Shipbuilding Plan to Congress Because it Lacked ‘Credible Pathway’ to 355-Ship Fleet
    The Pentagon still has not submitted a legally mandated shipbuilding blueprint to lawmakers this year because Defense Secretary Mark Esper felt the Navy had not developed a “credible pathway” to achieving a 355-ship fleet, the nominee to lead a top Pentagon office said today. During his confirmation hearing today to serve as the Pentagon’s director […]