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Our countdown clock indicates 30 days and 8 hours until the official start of REGROUPEX 17. Time to get moving, and get registered!

The soft deadline for registration is 21 August 2017, marked by a total eclipse of the sun over much of the United States! Don’t let the skies go dark without completing your registration and making payment for REGROUPEX 17.

This deadline is important. Your registration tells us you’ll be there, which lets us plan for refreshments, make name tags, arrange the REGROUPEX 17 dinner, and pay for all those last minute details that need to be resolved before you can walk into the SSN 680 Hospitality Suite and start reconnecting!

Don’t put it off any longer - go to www.ssn-680.org and use the appropriate Registration module in the right column to make your payment and let your shipmates know that you will be in Orlando!

There’s not a moment to lose!

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