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Can’t make REGROUPEX 17, but want to send a message to those that can that says, “I haven’t forgotten my shipmates...”?

Feeling flush and and in that generous spirit?

Want to help out with a shipmate that can’t afford the registration?

Consider Sponsorship of REGROUPEX 17. Though your contribution is not tax-deductible (yet…we are working on it!) you can help defray the reunion expenses by simply using the REGROUPEX 17 SPONSORSHIP button located in the right column of every page of the www.ssn-680.org website. Every dollar of your contribution goes toward reunion expenses.

Not keen on potentially contributing to the delinquency of aging former sailors, but wanting to see the history and artifacts of the USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) preserved and promoted? Use the SUPPORT SSN-680.ORG button located on the right side of your screen. Ever dollar will go toward maintenance cost of the website and the acquisition of artifacts like the deck log and sailing lists of the Bouncing’ Billy B.

What’s in it for you besides the overwhelming satisfaction of making a contribution?

Sponsors of REGROUPEX 17 will have their names listed on the website and on a placard at in the SSN 680 Hospitality Suite at REGROUPEX 17.

• Admirals Club - $500 or more

• Captains Club - $250 or more

• Chiefs Club - $100 or more

• Bluejackets Club - less than $100

All sponsors of the reunion/website at the Chiefs Club level or above will receive at least one REGROUPEX 17 challenge coin. All sponsors at the Captains Club or above will receive a genuine REGROUPEX 17/USS William H. Bates ball cap. All sponsors at the Admirals Club level will receive a Rick Campbell (former XO of the USS Maryland/Blue) submarine novel autographed by the author himself!

Ready to make a donation? Visit the www.ssn-680.org website, and use either the SPONSOR or SUPPORT buttons on the right side of your browser window. You will receive email acknowledgement of your contribution, and my gratitude!


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Fund Sailing List Research!

Help fund SSN–680.org research and recover Personnel Diaries and Quarterly Muster Reports from the National Archives, helping us in our goal to identify every sailor that sailed on the USS William H. Bates (SSN 680) and add them to the Master Sailing List.


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