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Attention in the boat!

REGROUPEX 20 is tentatively scheduled for June 2020, plus or minus, in the Seattle/Bremerton area. Which is something like saying liberty ports are confirmed through Hobart, if you happened to fall victim to WestPac 83-84! It’s our goal, however, to do better than that!

Note specifically that June 2020 is only 15 months away, and there is work to be done to confirm the exact dates and locations. I am currently researching optimum dates, possible hotels/accommodations, and activities of interest to our Association members and need some help.

This is a call for anyone living in the Seattle/Bremerton/Northwest Washington area reach out and let me know three things.

One, in picking a weekend for REGROUPEX 20 in June, maybe early July, maybe late May, what would be the optimum choice given typical weather, tourist crowds, known events and activities, etc., that might influence our choice of dates?

Two, anybody have any contacts still in the boat community at either Bangor or PSNS that can connect us with the PAO for one of the submarine squadrons that could help arrange a boat tour?

Three, do you have any ideas or experience with hotels/resorts in the area that would be good for us to contact regarding housing our reunion?

Simply comment on this post - I’ll get your input directly! I’m also connecting with local tourism bureaus and Chambers of Commerce to see what ideas they might have.

Your assistance is both needed and appreciated.

As always, when it comes to getting underway and reunion planning, there’s not a moment to lose!

George M. Sands
Brad, I was stationed at the Subase at Bangor, in Seattle, it is very expensive to visit. The Bremerton area is better and the Subase at Bangor has places also with the tow of Silverdale close by. The cost is getting from Seatac Airport to Seattle, Bremerton or Bangor. So if you do not have anyone that lives in the area I can help since I use to have to travel around that whole area.
Sean Gawne
Brad I don't live in Seattle so my knowledge is limited but I do know about some area events that might happen around that time. Each year in Portland there is a Rose Festival around the end of May or beginning of June. It's a pretty big deal drawing people from all over, and many will come on cruise ships via Seattle, so that may impact the area. You may also want to check this site for lists of planned festivals, and don't forget to also look at what's happening in nearby Vancouver BC and Portland OR.

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