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These are the times that try men’s souls…

American patriot Thomas Paine penned these oft-quoted words in his first “American Crisis” pamphlet in the closing days of 1776, and though he was speaking of the challenge of standing up to tyranny, his words still ring true for all of us in this difficult time.

Days we hoped would be behind us by now and we would be freed to anticipate the respite and camaraderie of our planned reunion on the 22nd of June, now only two months and three days away.

But on-going events, our primal fears, and the choices of others continue to conspire against us.

Some states, mine included, have extended the so-called ‘stay-at-home’ orders until at least the end of May.

The Navy, having better things to worry about than communicating with me, is not likely to open their bases to tourists in the near future. They have also extended their PCS travel ban until June 30, which doesn’t bode well for submarine tours at Kitsap.

Each of us has aged another month or two since I last checked in, moving us closer to the ‘age of concern’ for infectious vulnerability, for those that are not already well into that particular situation.

Those who are not yet retired onto pensions and Social Security, including myself, and whose income has been crippled by unemployment and devaluation of savings and investments will be struggling to justify spending money for a reunion trip at at time when family and self-survival may be a much higher priority.

What does it mean? I fear the prudent course of action is to cancel or at least postpone REGROUPEX 20 until later in the year, perhaps late fall or later. While I am confident that each of us would rise to the challenge and create a reunion we would all be proud of and grateful for, a few weeks ago I promised you that I would not hazard the reunion on account of the current crisis.

But I’m afraid that if we continue on this course, many shipmates, either from fear of infection, lack of funds, or a confusing ‘stay-at-home’ environment, will decline or not be able to attend REGROUPEX 20, and I don’t want to see us put all our resources and energy into a reunion when many can’t participate.


It is my intent, in three days, on the 22nd of April, to announce that REGROUPEX 20 is cancelled, or at least rescheduled to later in the year. I’m telegraphing my intentions to allow you to comment and perhaps create some coherent arguments as to why we should continue on schedule. This is your time to change my mind, or help reinforce it.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I will make an official announcement on Wednesday, April 22nd.

Steve Snyder
Regroupex '20 or '21
Just a thought as we all muddle through the pandemic, and probably have about as many thoughts on how to proceed as there are of us, is that thoughts of moving our reunion into the winter in Silverdale is very likely when we may see a return of the virus. Perhaps next June?
I do look at pics of those I knew from the boat as well as others I met at the last meetup in Orlando and want to get together when we can!

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